CDA College Commitment List

The Cincinnati Development Academy is excited about our players finding the right fit to play soccer at the next level. Please see the list below and congratulate our student athletes on committing to play college soccer. These players compete on our Development Academy and CDA Premier teams.

2018 Class:

Adrianna Brewer - University of Toledo
Allison Robertson - Ashland University
Ana Sulentic - St. Joseph's
Annie Metzger - University of Cincinnati
Caroline Welsh - Xavier University
Chloe Masys - Miami University (OH)
Claudia Como - Ball State
Desiree Grubbs - Miami University (OH)
Elise Crew - Xavier University
Ellie Mink - DePaul
Emi Carlo - University of Cincinnati
Haley Miller - Ohio University
Jenna Ahlbrand - Morehead State
Jordan Reddington - Xavier University
Kiana Klein - University of Louisville
Laurin Uptegrove - Winthrop
Lexy Kidd - University of Dayton
Libby Durrough - Spring Hill College
Madalyn Canter - Walsh
Maddie Wilhoite - Toledo
Madison Lindsay - University of Cincinnati
Maeve Maloney - University of Louisville
Makenna Jordahl - Xavier University
Mary Tierney - DePaul
Megan Bine - Cleveland State
Mimi Stines - University of Dayton
Morgan Jackson - University of Louisville
Olivia Popovich - Xavier University
Sam Hausser - University of Dayton
Sarah Wampler - Indiana
Saylor Jewell - University of North Alabama
Taylor Dickerson - Ohio University
Taylor Nuncio - University of Louisville

2019 Class:

Aliyah El-Naggar - Ohio State
Becky Dean - Butler
Brittany Duncan - Ohio State
Brooke Harden - Xavier University
Corissa Riegler - Morehead State
Eva Kiper - Morehead State
Hope Doyle - Kent State
Jenna Kralik - Ohio University
Jordyn Rhodes - Indiana University
Kate Larbes - Morehead State
Katelynn Setters - Morehead State
Lindsay Meyer - Northern Kentucky University
Maddie Young - Ohio University
Maya Decker - Marian University
Megan Oduyoye - University of Missouri
Morgan White - Marshall
Olivia Scheper - Xavier University
Paige Elliot - University of Minnesota
Rielyn Hamilton - St. Louis University
Sophia Denison - St. Louis University

2020 Class:

Alaina Sullivan - Xavier University
Ali Gessner - University of Cincinnati
Ande Allison - University of New Hampshire
Caitlin Elam - University of Louisville
Kaitlyn Andrews - University of Cincinnati
Keely Monroe - Maryville
Lauren Bastian - University of Cincinnati
Lindsay Gross - Belmont
Makala Woods - Illinois
Molly McGuire - Cleveland State
Sam Dodd - Wisconsin-Milwaukee

2021 Class:

Kailyn Dudukovich - Ohio State University
Lauren Donocan - Minnesota
Maddie Prohaska - Auburn
Sydney Jones - Ohio State University